BS OHSAS 18001 – 2007 – Work-related Health & Safety Management

There’s been a substantial rise in the amount of queries which i have obtained for that BS OHSAS 18001 Work-related Health & Safety Management certification. It appears that companies have become more and more conscious of the necessity not just to meet current legislation but to have their employees safe and morale high by demonstrating the ‘OH’ part (Work-related Health) along with the safety element.

I’ve been offering Quality, Ecological and knowledge Security consultancy for several years however it grew to become obvious which i will have to likewise incorporate Health & Safety Management Consultancy included in the service which i offer to my clients.

Therefore, I signed up for the BSI Certificate on Work-related Health & Safety Course, that is a distance education system. You will find eight modules provided on 3 CDs. Each module is concluded by a project, which on completion is marked with a BSI Tutor. Once marked,the following module will be commenced. The program material, both around the CD as well as in paper format was excellent and provided all the details I desired to pass through the assignments. My Tutor was very complimentary about my assignments there was just one instance where I desired to resubmit information.

Last Friday I received my BSI Certificate on Work-related Health & Safety and i’m delighted that if you take this program my understanding continues to be greatly improved. I can tell the Standard isn’t just about Safety but additionally encompasses Health and wellness.

By attending OHSAS 18001 certification program, you can contribute immensely in making your workplace more secure in terms of health and safety. Engage the staff by inspiring them and motivating them to consult doctors. You can also organize a health camp once in a while.

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