Narrative Essay Topics For Writing A Most Attractive Story

In schools, when your teacher asks you to write a narrative story, students wonder if they are to write about something from their personal experience, something which is memorable, just to write the story. But that’s not always the fact. It is still better to write a story that you can reveal better, might be from your personal life experience or might be from someone else’s personal experience.

You should divide narratives into four parts:

  • Success story
  • Personal development
  • Resolving the problem
  • Travelling

Here what is being mentioned is first researched, and most of the students like the topics. There might be wordings which you won’t like, but it’s not a must that you got to do them exactly how they are written here, you can change them with the words of your own choice.

Lots of teachers these days avoid giving exact topics; they want you to write with what you are comfortable in writing. So, you are the one who has to find out the excellent narrative issues. Just make sure that your story has a good theme. You just do not write it for the sake of writing; you have to pass some ideas to your reader in your writing. Also, your story should have an attractive plot, characters and necessary things for a good story.

Success story:

  1. Your very first memories and why do you still remember them?
  2. Ever have you prepared for a surprise for your parents, friends, or relatives, write about that.
  3. Have you ever been in a situation that you rescued someone from any accidents or injuries? Write about it including the acknowledgements you got.

Personal Development:

  1. Write about the first crush of your life and how did it influence your self-esteem.
  2. Write about if something somewhere you needed to speak out, but you didn’t and that things didn’t go right.
  3. Write about if listening to someone you faced a great deal of danger and then this incident made you such that you don’t want to hear to anyone anymore.

Resolving the Problem:

  1. Write about if any such incident happened to you in your school life that influenced your relationship with your classmates.
  2. Write about if you were bullied and how did you tackle that situation.
  3. Write about if anyway your reputation was at risk and how did you come out through it.


  1. Write about if you have ever missed a train or bus or a plane in the middle of a journey and how did you manage to come back.
  2. Write about the first time you travelled without your parents and your experiences.
  3. Write about if you had ever gone away from your home and the experiences you learnt from it.

These are just small examples, but there are ample of good narrative essay topics you will be able to pick up yourself which you would be comfortable to write.

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