Top Tips to Study Chemistry Efficiently

Chemistry is an extremely practical and fascinating subject which is equally loved and hated by students. Apart from being interesting, chemistry is also one of most scoring subjects and it is extremely important for the aspiring engineering and medical exams as it constitutes a separate section in the competitive exams like JEE, NEET, etc.

Students need to develop a deeper interest in chemistry to be able to enjoy learning the concepts and excel in it. Some of the top tips to study chemistry are given here to help the students learn concepts more effectively and excel in the exams.

  • Be thorough with the basics

In chemistry, some basic laws and theories make up most of the concepts. The concepts like Aufbau principle, hybridization,  Rutherford Atomic Model, VSEPR Theory, etc. are introduced at a very early stage but the concepts are used in several other higher level topics.

  • Relate Practically

Chemistry is a very practical subject and most of its concepts can easily be related practically. By relating practically, one can understand the concepts better as the engagement increases. Practical relevance also helps the students to visualize the concepts and relate them to the physical world and thereby, improves their memory retention.

  • Avoid Skipping Topics

Students often skip topics from their textbooks and think that those are less important. In chemistry, almost all topics are important and even the very basic concepts are used in several higher-level topics. So, it is important to be thorough with all the topics and avoid skipping any concept.

  • Visualize

The topics in chemistry can be learned in a lot better way if the related concepts are visualized. Topics like atomic model, Valence Bond Theory, types of bonds, inductive effect, etc. can be difficult to understand just by studying but with visualization, students can easily understand the concepts and have a better understanding. Visualization not only helps to understand the basic concepts better but also helps the students to retain the concepts for a longer duration.

These were a few tips that are sure to help the students to learn chemistry in a better way and more effective way. Students can also subscribe to BYJU’S YouTube channel and learn different chemistry topics in a better and engaging way from the video lessons.

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